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If you applied for HDFC credit card then check your application status here. Find how to apply, track using reference number, statement and pay bill using NEFT or cheque. HDFC Bank is one of the best banks in India that offers excellent banking products. Considered as the pioneer bank with novelty in banking products, it has earned the trust and hearts of millions of its customers.  With its branches in Bahrain, Hong Kong, and Dubai, it serves people with 90,000 employees.  With its number of assets, it is now the largest bank in India. Featuring as one of the top brands in the 100 brands in the world, it has now best market value so far as equity is concerned. With its 4541 branches located in the length and breadth of the nation, the bank has now made its presence all over the nation.Credit Card from HDFC Bank

Different types of Credit Cards from HDFC

There are wide range of option available from the HDFC Bank and it comes with various benefits.  Literally describing its credit cards as cards for every type of need, the bank is now one of the leaders in credit card market.

Let’s have a glance at the various types of credit cards available with this pioneer in banking.

1) Super premium cards– The super premium cards are available with premium benefits. Available in infinia, Regalia, diners club black, jet privilege HDFC Bank diners club credit card, the bank targets to extend credit facilities for domestic and global travel, lifestyle benefits, and ticket-booking for international travels.

2) Co-branded credit cards–  Available in more exclusive types of credit facilities, the credit cards come in Jet privilege HDFC Bank Credit card, Maruti Sujuki NEXA HDFC Bank credit card, Titanium Times card, and Snapdeal HDFC Bank credit card.

3) Premium travel Card– Aiming at the exclusive travel needs of people, HDFC Bank has brought to the market premium travel card.  Superia, Allmiles, Maruti Suzuki NEXA HDFC Bank Allmiles are some of the premium travel cards from HDFC Bank.

4) Premium Women– Solitaire is the premium credit cards for the women. Based on their exclusive needs, the card has great facilities for credit.

5) Premium Cards– Apart from super premium cards, the bank also gives premium cards with unique facilities for the users. This card comes in four categories, such as Regalia First, Diners Club premium, Diners Club Reward Z, and VISA Signature.

6) Regular Premium plus Card– The premium platinum plus Credit card is helpful in filling fuel in all the petrol pumps allover India.

7) Commercial Cards– Based on the needs of businessmen, HDFC Bank has now Business moneyback, Business Regalia, Corporate Platinum, and Corporate Card.

8) Cashback Card– As getting back cash is a great advantage in every single purchase, buying cashback card could help a lot in everyday purchases. Such cards come in Platinum Edge, Titanium Edge, and Moneyback credit cards.

How do apply for HDFC Bank Credit Cards?

If you wish to have a credit card from the HDFC bank then follow below steps, please note that you must have a fixed deposit with the bank in order to avail the services:

First of all, log on to its official web-page and for filing your application, click on “apply now”.

Go to the digital application platform–  As you click on the “apply now”, it would show you a dropdown list. Click on the “apply now”.  You could move to select from the options that whether you are an “existing” or a “new” customer continuing as the guest.

Go through the authentication process-   If you are an existing customer, you could go through various authentication things to verify your candidature. Then the bank would contact you.

If you are a new customer, you could leave your contact details to get contacted by the branch at your place.

Fill up your application– You could fill up your online application on this page. Mention whether you are an existing customer with a Credit Card already under your possession.  The bank would get in touch with you after the scrutiny of your application.

Get your application reference number-   You would get a application reference number after the submission of your application.

Track your Credit Card application

You could track the status of your application by logging to the page and track with the help of your application reference number, mobile number, application form number, or date of birth.

Check your HDFC credit card application status at one click

Get the exact status– This would get the exact status of your application. You could know that at what stage the application is pending. This would also show that whether the application is accepted or rejected.

Pay HDFC Bank Credit Card Bill Online

If the monthly billing cycle of your HDFC credit card is near and wanted to make the due payment, then just follow this link that will take you to the payment gateway page.   Just click on checkbox located at bottom that says “I agree to the …” and click on Pay.

This will take you to the next page where you will have to enter below details as show:

  1. Your HDFC bank credit card number
  2. Email
  3. and Total amount that you wanted to pay.

Pay your hdfc credit card monthly bill online

Select the drop down menu to select the Bank from which payment will be done and lick on Pay. It will take you to the final page where you can make the payment using net banking.

Additinally customers can pay their cr. card bill by deposting their cheque to the nearest HDFC Bank branch or using NEFT, whichever looks easy to you.

HDFC Credit Card Toll Free Number:

  • 1800-4254-332
  • 1800-22-1006

Email Address:

Above email can be use to communicate with HDFC Bank Credit Card department to request to send monthly credit card bill, block, un-block and for other queries.

Credit Card Customer Care Number – 022-6160-6161

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